We sell both the CARDmeter and the CARDtimer.  The CARDmeter controls the amount of energy used by measuring the number of kWh consumed, the CARDtimer controls the amount of time that the electricity is switched on for.

The CARDtimer is commonly used for appliances such as washing machines and tumble driers, as well as squash court lighting, electric showers, and so on.

The payback period is very quick, due to the rising cost of energy, and the reduction in energy wasted by controlling its availability.

The timer uses secure magnetically encoded cards which,when inserted into the meter, provide electricity for a preset time.

  • Uses secure disposable magnetic cards
  • When card is inserted, time credit is copied from the card to the timer
  • Multiple cards may be entered in one session (software selectable), and time will accumulate
  • Card is erased and permanently marked
  • CARDtimer display counts down in hours, minutes and seconds
  • User settable duration of 0 to 999,999 seconds (0 to 277hrs 46min 39sec) per card
  • User friendly 16 character LCD display
  • Master Programming Card allows settings to be changed
  • Switches up to 100A (23kW load)
  • Red led indicates contactor closed and power connected
  • Optional warning beeper when timer credit running out

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