Frequently Asked Questions

Section 1

Q1 The tenant has moved out.  Can I delete all the remaining credit from the meter?

A1 To delete any remaining credit in the meter, set Rate1 to 000.00ppu, then perform a reset of the meter.  See the section on resetting the meter.

Q2 My tenant owes me £50 for electricity. Can I install a cardmeter and use it to collect the debt?

A2 Some versions of the meter allow a fixed debt to be collected at a weekly rate.  This works in a similar way to the standing charge.  The landlord programs in the debt charge as a weekly rate, and every 1/100th of a week (1.63hrs), the remaining credit is reduced by 1/100th of the weekly rate.  So the £50 could be recovered at £5 per week for instance.

Q3 The meter is reading zero credit and the power is cut off.  What can I do?

A3 Inserting a value card will restore power or press the EMERGENCY CREDIT button.  This will only add emergency credit to the meter if the landlord has set the value of E.CRED to a value other than zero.

Q4 How do I switch to emergency credit?

A4 Only some meters have Emergency Credit available (look for E.CRED in the programming menu).  You may receive one of the meters by chance, but if you definitely require this option, thius needs to be specified at the time of order.  Emergency credit can only be selected provided the landlord has set the value of E.CRED to a value other than zero.  It can be selected before all remaining credit has expired, or after the electricity supply is disconnected..

Q5 I have used up all the emergency credit, how do I get the power on?

A5 Once all the emergency credit has been used up, the meter must have value cards inserted to bring the credit back to at least £1.  So if the emergency credit (E.CRED) was set to £10, and the tenant used all this up, the supply would be disconnected.  The tenant must then insert at least £11 to reconnect the power.  It is suggested that emergency credit is used, it is set to £1 less that the value card denomination that the tenant normally uses, meaning that one value card can restore power.

Q6 I have lost the meterman card?

A6 Additional meterman cards are available from us for a nominal charge of £5.

Q7 I need some more cards, what do I do?

A7 Additional value cards are available from us.  You will need to describe the printed text on the card clearly to make sure that the correctly coded cards are supplied for your meter.

Q8 What options does the meter have?

A8 The following factory options are available:

Option A: Rate switching with up to 4 tariffs.
Option B: Reverse energy detection.
Option C: Electrical impulse fraud detection.
Option D: Disconnection overridden in economy mode
Option E: Audible warning
Option F: Debt collection

Q9 What should I see when inserting a value card?

A9 When inserting a value card, the meter will display TOKEN VALUE £10 (or other value as appropriate).  This will remain on the display for 5 seconds.  On removal, the card will be erased and marked (“clipped”).

Q10 The meter displays CARD ERROR.

A10 The most common reason is that the card has been inserted too quickly or too slowly (the card is not erased in this instance.  Insert the card with one smooth action.

The card may have already been used (look for an indentation in the card showing it has already been “clipped”).

Q12 The card may not have been supplied by SHOCKWAVES.  Only SHOCKWAVES cards will add credit to the SHOCKWAVES cardmeter.

A12 The card may have been erased by having been stored in a magnetic field (ie on a loudspeaker, on top of the television, or next to credit cards).  If this happens, you can expect your tenant to be in contact.  It is recommended to check the total number of cards the tenant has bought from you, the total inserted (T.CARDS) and the number of cards the tenant has not used yet.

Q13  The meter displays LOCKED OUT.

A13  This will occur if a possible attempted fraud has been detected.  The meter is reset by setting Rate 1 to 000.00ppu, and then both EMERGENCY CREDIT and SETTINGS DISPLAY buttons are pressed simultaneously.

Q14  The meter flashes the word RED on the display.

A14 Reverse running has been detected.  The meter is reset by setting Rate 1 to 000.00ppu, and then both EMERGENCY CREDIT and SETTINGS DISPLAY buttons are pressed simultaneously.

Q15   The meter is showing DEBT £2.01

A15 All the credit has been used, and the tenant has run up a debt of £2.01.

Q16  My meter only shows RATE1 and not RATE1 and RATE2.

A16 Dual rate meters (for Economy 7) have separate settings for day (RATE 1) and night (RATE 2).  If you are only selling the electricity at one rate, then you can set these to be the same.

Q17 The display shows LOW VOLTAGE.

A17 It is normal when power is first applied that the display will briefly indicate LOW VOLTAGE.  If this remains showing, then this indicates either a low supply voltage, or a fault with the meter.

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