We have been selling CARDmeters and CARDtimers since 1999, and plan to continue to do so.  So whilst the ultimate security of supply, you should buy all the cards you need at the outset, you can rest assured that it is our intention to continue to supply cards for the foreseeable future.

We currently supply around 500,000 cards per year, and keep in stock  a range of card denominations ( 1.00, 5.00, 10.00, and 20.00).  Cards of 50.00 denomination are available to special order.

The cards are not marked with their currency, allowing them to be sold in pounds, euros, or other local currencies.

The prices for separate card packs (in GBP) are currently:

39.85 per pack of 250.
59.85 per pack of 500.
98.00 per box of 1,000.

Postage is 2.85 for UK for up to 500 cards.  For 1,000 cards it is 4.85.
Postage for Europe is 7.40 for up to 500 cards.  For 1,000 cards it is 12.00.

If you need cards or meters, drop us an email, and we will provide latest prices.  Our contact details can be found on the website

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