Magnetic Card Timer with Remote Start

Sometimes you don’t want the timer to count down as soon as a card is inserted.

We had an enquiry from a customer last week who wanted to install a number of magnetic CARDtimers at a truckstop, to control the operation of their showers.  Unfortunately, customers were spending a long time under the shower and had no consideration for the amount of LPG being used to heat all that hot water.

One problem though, all nine shower timers were to be located in the reception area, with the showers being powered by solenoid valves in the ceiling void above each shower cubicle.

Following some thought and conversations with the customer, we were able to come up with a remote start facility, allowing the timer to be set by inserting the magnetic payment card as normal, but the timer would not starting to count down until a push button in the shower area was pressed.

This kept customers happy by making sure they received their full allocated time.

To provide the necessary isolation for the remote start circuit, a simple mains relay was provided adjacent to each timer position.


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