Card Security

Security is often a concern, and we are often asked whether tenants can clone cards or obtain them elsewhere.  Hopefully we can allay some fears with some appropriate precautions.

We only supply cards to landlords, not to tenants directly. We use our records and some key questions to determine whether a purchase is legitimate.  Tenants pretty quickly give themselves away with their answers (or lack of them).  Incedentially, cards from other supplier will not work in our meters.

In our experience, we have found there are three types of tenants:

1. Holiday lets, where tenants are more concerned with enjoying their holiday than the operation of the electricity meter. For these no precautions are normally necessary.

2. Long term lets, with generally trustworthy tenants. Mentioning that the meter records the number of cards used and the amount of electricity consumed is usually enough to deter any interest in the meter, especially if you make appointments to occasionally read the meter registers and keep a record of the number of cards purchased.

3. Problematic tenants. These are most likely to think about ways to get free electricity. For this reason, the card meter is the best meter as there are no coins to steal. We suggest telling the tenants that they will be charged for all the electricity consumed, as displayed by the meter, irrespective of the cards sold to them. You can also ask the tenants to return used cards to you (you can say you get credited by your supplier for the returned cards). You should also periodically read the card register of the meter to ensure that the number of cards inserted does not exceed the number of cards sold. If they do, you bill the tenant for the difference.

We also recommend you always seal the meters, as seal removal or tampering with the meter is a criminal offence, and if you report it the Police will investigate, take statements, and make arrests.

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