What is the CARDmeter and why would I want one?

The CARDmeter uses secure magnetically encoded cards which, when inserted into the meter, provide a set amount of electricity depending on the price per unit and standing charge set.

The meter erases the cards and clips them to mark the card as used.  The cards are disposible and cannot be recharged in any way.  They are uniquely coded to our meters, giving you security and peace of mind.

The CARDmeter has inbuilt counters allowing you to check on how many cards have been inserted and how much electricity has been used.

The cards are sold by the owner to the user at the face value.  The owner pays the electricity bill as normal, using the money received.

The user can only receive electricity if they have charged the meter using the cards they have paid for from the owner, so the owner is never out of pocket or left with an unpaid electricity bill.

If you want to supply electricity for a set amount of time, for instance 30 minutes of power supplied to the lights of a squash court, or to operate a tumble dryer, then we have the CARDtimer.  Please see the links above for more information.



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