Orman Pressure Gauge for the Gaggia TS & TD


I am pleased to say we have located a supply of the Orman kl.1.6 gauges, as fitted to the Gaggia TS and TD models, and probably compatable with a few other models as well.

The gauge reads up to 3 bar, but will normally sit at around the 1.5 bar mark.

The connection on the end of the capillary looks a little different to other gauges I have, this one being a female connection on the capillary.

Straightforward replacement whilst maintaining the originallity of the TS.


We now stock the following items to maintain the TS:

Group head gaskets and screens
Group head heater thermostat (98degC)
Steam and water taps and spare washers
TS Commercial Steam Wand
Pressure Stat
Control Unit
Pump (Ulka EP5)
Silicone hoses
Standard commercial and Bottomless portafilters
Orman kl.1.6 Pressure Gauge
Steam and water tap knobs
On/Off and Coffee Switches
Group solenoid
Fill solenoid

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2 Responses to Orman Pressure Gauge for the Gaggia TS & TD

  1. Sharon Mawbey says:

    Do you have operating, maint manual and wiring diagam for Gaggia TD 93, or know where I can get them please

  2. Dave says:

    Just asking the same as above …. there must be some manuals out there???
    Really need these for my machine ….. please.

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