Limini Columbia Beans Review

I bought a 500g bag of Limini Columbia beans to try, a bag just big enough to get a good appreciation of the flavour of the beans and to ensure that enough beans have been ground to be certain that the grind setting is spot on.  Also after about a week to 10 days, the beans have fully degassed and can be appreciated at their best.

The flavour starts with a  definite chocolate background with robust follow through. Very rounded with good body. Similar to the Limini Brazilian beans, but with more chocolate and a slightly smoother lasting finish and pleasant aftertaste. No bitterness noticed and very low acidity.

For me, this is one to try side-by-side with the Limini Brazilian beans and is also a strong contender for the status as one of my favourite beans of all time.

You can see the full range at:

I should say, I am not associated in any way with Limini Coffee, I just like their way of doing business, selling excellent coffee beans at un-inflated prices.

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