Gaggia TS Wiring Diagram (Corrected)

Below is a corrected version of the Gaggia TS wiring diagram.

There changes are to the L and N connections to the IEC inlet, which were transposed in the original drawing, and also to the pump connections where the incoming neutral was shown connected to the left hand terminal in the drawing.  This would have resulted in a short circuit of the incoming supply.

Gaggia TS Wiring Diagram


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5 Responses to Gaggia TS Wiring Diagram (Corrected)

  1. sean says:

    Just to let you know that on switch 10 the diagram shows a red wire to the control box off the left centre terminal and a violet wire opposite off the right bottom terminal. In fact this is the wrong way round. The red goes to the bottom terminal (last) on the right and the violet goes to the centre terminal on the left. here is a link to your own picture of the back of the switch which is the same as mine. clearly shown in picture number 8

    • admin says:

      Thank you for the comment – well observed.

      In fact, although the diagram and actual wiring do not agree, it will not affect the operation of the machine, as the purpose of the switch is to connect a live feed to the pump and solenoid when pulling a shot whilst separately allowing the pump to be operated without the solenoid when the boiler needs filling.


  2. Arthur says:

    I can’t find a cpu for Gaggia Ts RLO 1E/1s/4c/f can you help me please!!! I am in Dallas Texas,USA…

    Thank you !

  3. Paul H. says:

    Just a note on the electrolytic caps: They should have a temperature rating of at least 105C. 85C will not last. If one cap fails, consider replacing the other electrolytics as well since they are probably not far behind for drying out. One good way of spotting obviously bad caps is to look for bulging on the top or bottom. Really bad caps will vent (the top of the can is split). Hope that helps!

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