Gaggia TS Water Tap Rebuild

The Gaggia TS steam and water taps can leak after prolonged use or storage.

The good news is that they are easy to rebuilt using only a couple of adjustable spanners.


First pull the control knob straight off.  It is only held in place by friction fit onto the 7mm square shaft of the tap.

From the front of the machine, undo the chrome plated nut completely.

Inside the machine, undo the water pipe from the back of the tap.  The tap can now be removed from the machine (there is no need to disconnect the water pipe or steam wand as these can pass through the body of the coffee machine).

The tap can now be separated into two pieces.  The body of the valve will contain a chrome plated shaft, with two small o-rings (528765 in the diagram).  The shaft can be carefully cleaned to remove any scale, and lubricated with food grade silicone grease before reassembly.

The main water/steam seal is (15mm OD, 6mm ID, 6mm thick) is part 528695.  This should be possible to access by holding its brass holder by hand, and unscrewing its fixing with a spanner.  This is clear if you have the parts in front of you.

As they say in all the best car manuals, reassembly is the reverse of removal.

If the above is too tricky, replacement taps are available on Ebay for about 30 GBP.

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12 Responses to Gaggia TS Water Tap Rebuild

  1. peter clayton says:

    good information, but opted for new complete as suggested bought from e-bay.



  2. peter clayton says:

    good oh every thing is back to normal


  3. Boris says:

    Thank you for all the information you have provided on the TS. It has been really helpful to me so far. Have you tried to separate the end piece of the water tap (parts WGARB0880 and WGARB0697)? I have no idea how to do it – it looks impossible to get a grip on the piece in order to unscrew it. I want to do this in order to replace gasket WGADM0041/106.

    • admin says:


      I have not tried to get them apart, but would expect the threads to easily seize up with scale.

      Any method of gripping would probably destroy the finish of the parts.


      • Boris says:


        I think I’ll leave it like that for now. By the way, when I disassembled the tap I found a lot of grease in part WGARB0610/02. Can’t see your diagrams here so I’m using the part # from the Gaggia TS parts diagram pdf. Did yours have any? I’m not sure whether the grease is from the factory or someone applied it afterwards. It’s the thick black stuff and I don’t think it’s food safe.

  4. Adam says:

    Hi Steve,

    Having some trouble with my Gaggia TS. The fuse blew but when I change it it works for a while and then blows again. I’ve rewired the plug a couple of times and the problem persists… The fact it works for a few minutes before the fuse goes makes me think it’s the cable that is the problem, but despite changing the plug it still doesn’t work. Any ideas?

    • admin says:

      It is unlikely to be the cable. You can quicklly check that by replacing the cable (it plugs int the bottom of the machine).

      Assuming you have a 230V AC supply, the 1500W element should draw about 6.5A. In the UK, you would use a 13A fuse in the plug.

      If the fuse is blowing (after a period of operation), and the fuse is 13A, then you have a fault.

      It is either a partial short from the live to neutral, or from live to earth.

      This situation should not be allowed to continue as it can present a shock or fire hazard.

      You will need to investigate.

      My guess is that the element is failing. I would remove the element from the boiler and inspect it for damage.

      The other possibilities are a chafing wire, faulty pump, faulty heater in the group head, or a faulty solenoid coil.


  5. Adis says:

    Hello Steve

    In past month or two i have problem with my Gaggia TS.
    Problem is with turning off machine after hour or more or sometimes after 30 minuts, similar to overheating for me , then i need to turn off the machine on the power switch and leave her 10 minuts alone in ˇcooling mod ˇafter that i can turn on machine on switch and everithing is ok again ( pump working and heatingˇelement and also preassure is up) but tonight is stop and after cooling machine does not wants to start with process again.
    Please give me tip is broken thermostat in machine and where is located or?
    Thank you very much, and you are very helpfull to all Gaggia TS users
    Sorry for my funny English 🙂

  6. Adis says:

    Hi Steve

    Thanks for quick answer and link, after reading your tutorial i am try to fix problem with my Gaggia TS.
    Checking some voltage with instrument i am press two or three
    times button on over temperature thermostat ( probably called reset button) and check the wire connectors also, then finally turn ON machine and my TS is start the process normally again.
    Thank you Steve

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