Gaggia TS, TE and TD Comparison

I am not sure what the letters TS, TE or TS stand for and I am forever mixing up the TE and TD machines, so I will say that I think they should be “Solo” for the TS (as it has a water tank and doesn’t need to be plumbed in) and “Doser” for the TD as it measures the water volme for each coffee shot. The TE can stand for whatever you like !

I owned the TS for about 5 years, and loved it. The look of the machines is a matter of taste, but they certainly have some weight to them and certainly don’t move around when you lock the portafilter into the group.

For a few years I had been searching for a TD or TE, and in early 2019 I found a TE and a Mazzer Super Jolly in Chesham, Bucks. Duly collected, following a quick chat with the seller confirming that they had been purchased new by the former homeowner and only used for the occasional dinner party. After getting the machine home and running it from a jug of water confirmed all was well. The only requirement now was to think about plumbing in the water feed.

As usual, other stuff took priority, and whilst the TE sat in the porch, a TD appeared in my searches. The information on the machine was sparse, but the purchase was made and the machine was collected from Shoreditch from a lovely Polish couple. Sadly on returning home, some troubles with the were discovered. More of that later.

So there we are. Three of a kind. You would think we would stop there, but another machine appeared. This time a Gaggia D90 . I couldn’t let that go could I ? Afterall, it was only four hours away in Halifax.

So there we have it for the moment. There aren’t going to be any more for a while. So I am told.

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