Gaggia TS User Manual Instructions and Spare Parts Diagram PDF

I have been searching all over the web for a free copy of the Gaggia TS spare parts pdf, but there are so many links to sites who want to charge you for someting which should be available for free.

So here is a copy of the parts diagram and the user manual:



Enjoy !

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  1. Tim says:


    I have i Gaggia TS and it seems that you know alot about this machine. Im thinking about connecting my machine to water system. If it’s possible?

    Kind regards Tim

    • admin says:

      Hi Tim,

      The pump inlet is not designed to be pressurised, in fact the pump inlet is just a barb designed for a hose to push on to.

      I would suggest arranging a way to top up the water tank automatically. You could use a simple float valve, like in a W.C. cistern, or an electronic level controller operating a solenoid valve.

      I think a float valve would be much simpler and cheaper, and you might want to adapt a different water tank so you can return your TS to standard if you later want to sell it.


  2. Gareth Reid says:

    Hi Steve,

    I’ve been trawling your site for a couple of weeks after coming across the Gaggia TS.

    I’m setting up a pop up coffee stall on a market (once a week). The question is do you think this will be up to say 50 coffees a day (double shots) ? and if so how many shots do you think you would get out of a single tank? I’m planning on taking bottled water to top up with.

    Any help would be much appreciated,


    • admin says:

      Hi Gareth,

      I would think that the TS would be up to producing 50 coffees in a day.

      The tank holds about 2.5 L of water. We top ours up with Tesco bottled water every other day, and that provides about 10 coffees and a few teas, although you should get out more as you will not need to do the flushing of the group as you will be in more continuous production.

      I would suggest getting a decent grinder and trying out some of the Limini coffee beans I recommend on the blog (I don’t get paid to say that) – then get a reputation.


      • gareth reid says:

        Thanks Steve, much appreciated, I’m looking at a mazzer mini and will definitely give those beans a try!


  3. Just found your site and the TS diagrams etc. looking to buy a used one (currently at £200 on ebay – might be able to go up to —).

    Thanks this info will help me maintain it and learn about keeping it clean as my coffee deluxe has just died (but 16 years of continuous use is pretty good aint it?)

    thanks again. Anything I can do to publicise your site or help just let me know.

  4. Mick says:

    Hi Steve,
    Finally, someone who knows about the TS1….
    I’ve had mine for over a year and after £550 refurb and now at a total cost of £900 i’ve blown up my solenoid valve and god knows what else.
    In the beginning it was just about impossible to get any sense out of anyone about the TS1. No one knew anything about it. let alone advice, parts and service.
    I’m about to replace the solenoid, once i’ve identified which one it is? Maybe you could help me with this?
    I also need to replace the Orman pressure gauge glass. The gauge is fine but the glass is cracked. Any idea?

  5. Mick says:

    Hi Steve,

    thanks for your fast replies to my TS issues.

    I need the group head solenoid (hopefully this will cure the dripping as well)
    I’ve found someone with a new original Orman P gauge for £30 inc post so I think this is a bargain and i’ll grab that to keep the machine original and for easy install.
    I’m majorly miffed that the controller was replaced with a duff one. Once the machine is up and running again i’ll buy the controller from you.
    I’ve got to look at the temp sensor to see which one i’ve got as have been told the 98 degree one is better all round. Whats the benefit of dropping the temp?
    I’d also like to change the pump to a rotary one for silent operation. Any ideas on the model i’d need as I love my TS but feel that the noise lets it down.
    It only pulls a few shots a day for my personal use so I wouldn’t be overloading the pump.
    Thanks again for all your advice

    • admin says:


      Changing the group thermostat changes the coffee flavour slightly. I understand there are two alternative thermostats (103degC and 98degC), one for the American market and one for the European market.

      We will stock the 98degC one in the new year.

      I think you will have problems fitting the rotary pump inside the case, but there is no reason one could not be fitted externally. It would certainly quieten it down, as the pump noise makes it sound quite agricultural.


  6. Mick says:

    Hi Steve,
    Pressure gauge –
    i’ve removed my gauge and opened it up to see the glass fall out in 3 pieces.
    My question is: Is the capillary connection soldered in?
    How do I change the capillary over from the old to the new?

    Thanks again

  7. Mick says:


    I’m a bit confused about this gauge – the meter shows much higher bar than mine.
    My original Orman one shows low precise bar – can you please explain the difference?


  8. Mick says:

    Sorry – here is the gauge I’m talking about.

    • admin says:

      Good point. On coffee machines there are either of two gauges: one normally reading about 1.5bar for the boiler pressure and one reading about 10bar for the brew head pressure.

      The Orman gauge on the Gaggia TS is for the boiler pressure. We should have these in stock in the 3rd week of January.


  9. Mick says:

    Thats great, please let me know the price for this – also will it have the capillary tube already soldered?

    • admin says:

      The Orman KL.1.6 3.0bar Pressure Gauges will be 24.00 GBP.

      I don’t believe a capillary will be attached, but we will have to await their arrival to be sure.


  10. Mick says:

    Thanks Steve,

    We’ll hope it has.
    Can you send me the paypal invoice for the controller and solenoid valve please?
    To the email address you emailed me on.

  11. Mick says:


    I have just come across PID’s for the small home Gaggia machines and thought this would be pretty good for the TS.
    I can’t seem to find anyone who has installed a PID to a TS.
    Do you know if there is any reason why its not possible to fit one?

    • admin says:

      PID controllers won’t work for machines with heat-exchangers, as the coffee temperature is set by the boiler temperature, which is in turn set by the boiler pressure (ie not by a thermostat, but by a pressurestat).

      You could use one to control the group head temperature though…


  12. adam says:

    hi , I just bought on eBay a Gaggia Ts for a good price , the seller said it has a faulty issue makes the machine to switch off by itself and he recommended your blog as a useful info which I can see you about these kind of machines
    any ideas as I didn’t check the machine yet but would like to get some ideas about this issue if possible
    much appreciated

  13. steve Ottavianelli says:

    I bought my ts new about 8yrs ago and am having problems with coffee coming through the holder. the water only dribbles through the coffee holder and can take a good minute to make an espresso. do you think the water pump needs replacing. I have replaced the discs and clean everything each time it is used

  14. Craig says:

    we have a Gaggia TS 2003 machine which we currently have a problem with.
    It will not work because the “low in water light” is on, even though the water tank is full.
    I have tested most wires – all have power. Could the problem be the TS 230V Level Indicator Control Unit or something else?
    Can you provide any information on how we can fix this and where I can buy the parts from (we are in Australia).

    Many thanks

  15. Jack V says:

    Hello Steve,

    I bought my Gaggia TS used from a guy who had it sitting idle in his kitchen. His wife was not too happy about him having it take up counter-space so they sold it to me.

    Coffee works, it has been descaled recently I am told. Steamer works but seems to be slightly weaker than it should be. Pressure gauge is at 10 sometimes slides to 11 and sometimes goes below. I left my machine to warm up for an hour and then the pressure gauge went to 0 and stayed at 0. To fix this I turned off machine and pressed the switch to power the coffee bit of machine, then I turned on the machine and the pressure came back to life.

    Is this normal? It seems to have a standby feature..
    Also how do I make the machine have more pressure ?

  16. David Kidd says:

    Hi Steve, I am a lever fan, and have just bought a low use 2008 model TS. It came from a private home and has seen very little use. I filled her up, let it come to pressure then vented it in case of fall pressure. Everything works spot on, but the steam tap has a slow but constant drip, maybe 10 mL every 75 minutes or so. If you close the steam knob you can feel it bits as it shuts off, but I presume the previous owner has overtightened it as you can still turn the knob 2 to 3 full turns, but that does not stop the leak! I have looked at your parts diagram. Do you buy a complete service pack for the assembly, or is it likely to be the horseshoe shaped washer. Any thoughts please?

    • admin says:

      Hi David,

      The steam valve is designed to work that way – the valve is closed by a spring. The last two turns of the knob are free travel after the spring has closed the valve. I guess this prevents users from overtightening the valve, and the constant spring pressure keeps the valve closed even if the tap expands and contracts with temperature changes.

      We should have a service pack available in about 3 weeks, as we are just about to order stock from Italy.


  17. David Kidd says:

    Can I just check. You sell everything through ebay? Is it worth stripping it down first or is it more work than worth and just wait for the service pack? I am not the best with this sort of thing!
    Thanks for the quick reply by the way!

  18. David Kidd says:

    I will go with that suggestion! Seems like it will save me time and my sanity! cheers.

  19. david kidd says:

    Hi Steve, the repair to the steam tap was a doddle, even for an idiot like me. I have 15 years of coffee behind me For the last 5 I have been a lever convert, mainly because I prefer darker roasted beans and I find the combo of a lever with a good conical grinder hard to beat. All pump machines I have tried cannot seem to do darker beans justice, that is until I bought a TS by accident. I have used it for a week or so now and am absolutely amazed by its performance and the taste results, so much so that I am seriously considering ditching my Quickmill Veloce!
    2 questions: is it feasible to swop the vibe for a rotary and is it possible to plumb in as I have a larger inline filter

    • admin says:

      Hi David,

      I am not sure about fitting a rotary pump in the case, although there is quite a bit of room.

      You could install it in the cupboard below, like commercial machines.


  20. Brian says:

    Hi Steve,

    I have had my Gaggia TS for 2 years now but am looking to change out the steam wand. Currently it is the automatic frothing style and I am looking for a standard three hole wand. Any suggestions?

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