Gaggia TS Elements 1500W 230V

Gaggia TS Heating Element

These have been hard to locate at a reasonable price, but we now have the Gaggia TS heating elements in stock.

Rated at 1500W 230V with push fit connections. The element has a thermostat pocket to take the overheat protection thermostat vial.

You can find the element in the coffee machine spare parts section at theBottomlessCoffeeShop.

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5 Responses to Gaggia TS Elements 1500W 230V

  1. Rui Bastos says:

    Where can I buy the valve seal gaskets that go above the portafilters and I am also looking for 3 black knobs that open the taps.

  2. steve mcclean says:

    Hi, looking to buy the gaggia ts heater element and gasket, can you help?

  3. Martin says:

    Hello there,

    Do you have any info on the Gaggia TE machine? Recently purchased one but haven’t received yet. Can’t find much out online!

    • admin says:

      Hi Martin,

      I don’t have any information about the TE. Is it the one recently listed on ebay as a TS?

      They are likely to be similar, although the TE is plumbed in and has electronic control. This could be an issue, as electronic controllers don’t like the internal temperatures of the machine. I have had to replace two in my machine in 3 years.

      I wouldn’t mind putting some internal pictures of the machine up on this site to help others if you can provide them after it arrives.


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