Gaggia Professional (Pro) and Domestic Portafilters

We are often asked if commercial portafilter handles can be used in Gaggia domestic coffee machines such as the Classic.  The answer is that most often this is possible.  The Classic, Baby and Pharos machines will accept domestic or commercial handles.  The exceptions are the Cubika, Viva and Gran models, which use a smaller portafilter body and are not compatible with the professional machines.

The photo above shows the Gaggia Baby portafilter body, with the H-shaped handle fixing and the commercial portafilter with an M10 handle thread.  Both accept the same size baskets and use spouts with 3/8″ threads.

The plastic handles for the domestic machines are fragile and have been difficult to obtain in the past, but we now have a good stock of replacements.  They are held in place with a M6 screw (we use an allen screw as these are easiest to line up if you have the correct tools, but most M6 screws will do – just make sure the thread is about 10mm long).

If you want to use the commercial handle these stand up far better to the conditions encountered in a coffee shop and are a great choice for home use.  You can mix and match handles, spouts and baskets to you heart’s content – and of course bottomless portafilters are available as well for you to really see how your shots are progressing.

If you want to check what choice is available, just search ebay for “Gaggia Handle”, there is sure to be a wide choice available of replacement handles and spare parts.  If you want to check sizes, the commercial portafilter dimensions are as follows:

D1=62.3mm, D2=70mm, D5=79.4mm, T1=6.5mm, T2=24.6mm, T3=3.5mm.

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3 Responses to Gaggia Professional (Pro) and Domestic Portafilters

  1. Hugo Read says:

    Thanks for a great site. I’ve got a Gaggia Classic and I’ve found your site very useful.

    I want to buy a walnut bottomless portafilter and I’ve checked out eBay and found loads, mainly from Shock Waves shop. Is that the same outfit as you? It looks like it is.

    Also, I’m keen to get a triple shot basket, but only if it fits in a regular double spouted portafilter. So does it fit in a portafilter with a bottom, or is it only for the bottomless?

    Many thanks,
    Hugo Read

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