Bezzera Ellisse User Manual and Parts Diagrams

No much to say here, other than here it is (right-click, and choose to “save link as”):

Download Bezzera Ellisse User Manual (3.6MB)
Download Bezzera Ellisse Wiring Diagram (from 2006)(2.3MB)
Download Bezzera Ellisse Wiring Diagram (up to 2006)(3.9MB)

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5 Responses to Bezzera Ellisse User Manual and Parts Diagrams

  1. Hello from south Florida USA. I have no idea if you still maintain this site but I thought I would give it a try. I have an Ellisse DE and right now it is totally locked out. Red light on, no pump, heat, nothing. The only thing I can figure is that the resettable thermostat has popped and so nothing happens when the machine is switched on. The red reset button does not want to go back to original position so my thinking is that I need to find a replacement. Any opinion or ideas would be much appreciated. Is there a trick to get the device to reset? Thank you.

  2. Thomas Burton says:

    Hello Steve:

    Thank you for your response. We tested the re-settable thermostat as you said and it is good. Then we found the fuse blown on the Gicar controller. We are in the process now of getting a replacement fuse. Any thoughts as to why the fuse would blow? Old age, etc? We don’t see any signs of burning, etc. Hopefully we will be back in action soon, but I don’t want to have a repeat problem. Thanks again.

    Tom B.

  3. Lukasz Wisz says:

    Hi Steave,
    I am from London, UK. I have Ellisse Bezzarra but the pressure switch is totally broken. I order new on from ebay but right now i have a difficulties of wiring it back. There is two pair of 3 different cables coming from boiler. I am very confused how to put it back together. Would you be able to help me with it??

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