Azkoyen Capriccio Molino M-02 Coffee Grinder User Manual & Programming Instructions PDF

Here are a couple of essential pdf files if you have the Azkoyen Capriccio (also previously known as the Molino M-02).

The technical manual deals with the maintenance and repair of the grinder (including burr replacement).

Technical Manual

The programming manual deals with how to setup the coffee dose, allow pre-grinding, etc.

Programming Manual

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35 Responses to Azkoyen Capriccio Molino M-02 Coffee Grinder User Manual & Programming Instructions PDF

  1. Sebastian says:

    Is there a way to reset the system? I have the problem that I have to “restart” the whole machine after unloading and grinding a new portion because the buttons (you have to press against to get a load of coffee) don’t work anymore?!
    And because of any reason it’s not possible to set the grind mode to instantly ( it’s set to pre at the moment)

    Hope somebody can help me out :/


    • admin says:

      Does the same problem occur with the single- and double-dose microswitches?


      • Sebastian says:

        yep. both.
        you let the portion drop, it grinds. and stops doing (everything!) also the display/buttons stop working ? I’m not exactly sure what’s wrong with it but I guess a lot! When you start it the display says “CLEA” and after a while it starts giving you a blinking 3:58? When you press “play” (the arrow button?) it starts counting down to 1:00 and stops… Restart.Same.

        • admin says:

          The fact that is operates the grind motor, and operates the portion drop correctly, suggests that the microprocessor is operating correctly to start with.

          It is also capable of operating the display and operating the count down.

          My guess is that the most likely issue is a dried out electrolytic capacitor on the control board, a dry solder joint, or a poor/loose connector.

          I would run it with the grind motor, flap motor and drop motor disconnected, to see if the display operates normally.

          That will tell you if the current flow or vibration due to these is prompting the problem.


  2. Glen says:

    I have just replaced the grinder blades on this grinder. Hoping that some one could let me now how to reset the counter so that Grdr does not flash all the time on the display.

    • admin says:

      Hi Glen,

      Sorry I have not seen that “Grdr” on the display.

      I don’t know what would cause that to be displayed, as there are no sensors associated with the replacement of the grinder teeth which would be disturbed.


  3. luis says:




  4. Mark Spoto says:

    Our Azkoyen capriccio is not always dropping coffee down one of the chambers. I usually clean it out and it work again. This time it will just stop dropping it down one chamber and continue to drop down the other until it clogs. Has anyone seen this before and how have you fixed it.

    • admin says:

      It sounds like the drive band may be worn, if the drop motors are operating the drop flaps are working properly.

  5. Jim says:

    Having problem getting to the part of the programing to adjust the worn burr setting. Can you walk me through the programing?

  6. Adrian says:

    I’m looking for a new drop motor assembly. I have had the clogging issue as well. When I inspected the drive bands, I noticed that the left butterfly valve was extremely loose in the housing. Since the left is most used, I suspect that it’s just worn. I’ve been searching for parts. I absolutely love this grinder and would love to keep it serviceable. I’m in the USA so would hope for a parts distributor here.

  7. Mike says:

    I just bought an Azkoyen M02. Everything is working fine. I think I did an error in reprogramming some of the functions. I programmed the double dose for 16 grams and single for 8 grams. My concern is that when I put the handle in the single dose and press the button I have only half of the single dose distributed meaning 4 grams. So I have to press the button 2 times in order to get my 8 grams. Same thing happens on the double dose side. Any idea why?

  8. Mike says:

    Unfortunately no, I went trough the programming and it was in gr and not ti. I even changed to ti and came back to gr and both settings are still giving me half a dose and it is strange when I first got the grinder 2 days ago it distributed the full dose on both sides. It is an used grinder with about 130000 doses ground on the electronic counter.

    • admin says:

      If you have adjusted the grind to make it finer, it may be that you receive much less coffee in one dose.

      I know mine is set to maximum does to receive 12 to 14g of coffee (on the single side). I don’t use the double side.


      • Mike says:

        I do agree and I did adjust the grind much much finer but how come I got so little coffee even if I did program it to 8 grams. What to do in order to have my 8 grams with this fine setting.

        • admin says:

          The 8 grams only sets the grind time, there is no weight measurement.

          If you like it fine, perhaps you need to dose it twice (!)


          • Mike says:

            Got it interesting since this grinder is made for espresso machines, is not it?

            So there is no possibility to have it programmed for 1 dose at 8 grams by only pushing 1 button

          • admin says:

            Mine had a low dose, but I thought it might be faulty (I did find it in a skip).

            Look like it might be a “feature”.

  9. Karen says:

    Help. My grinder not grinding. The lights do a funny flash when I insert my portafilter and it makes the click/drop sound but no grinding and no coffee. Anything I should be looking at?

    • admin says:

      I would check the motor can rotate freely, ie not jammed.

      Using a multimeter, check for AC volts on the motor when you insert the portafilter.

      It could be the motor start capacitor (if there is one). It would prevent the motor starting, but not stop it running if you spin it by hand to get it going (with care obviously).


    • admin says:

      If someone has turned the grind setting to fine with the machine not running, the beans can jam the motor. Turn the know to coarse and try inserting the portafilter again.


  10. Sam says:


    Thanks for keeping this blog – it’s already been really useful for me!

    I’ve recently acquired a Capriccio grinder secondhand from a cafe. The owners didn’t know much about it – and I am hoping that I can get it running.

    It seems to be functional (it powers up, the motors move etc), but the display does not appear to be working properly – no characters are visible when the unit is powered on (although, a faint light is visible)

    I wondered whether you knew of any faults that might cause this? or if you could recommend some troubleshooting. It’s possible that the display unit has had a bash, in which case I’d need to replace the whole thing – do you know of anywhere to find spares? or anywhere in the UK that services Azkoyen?

    I’m looking to sell it on, I have no need for a commercial grinder of that size – but I’d like to get it working first if I can!

    • admin says:

      The most likely parts to fail in most machines are moving parts, connectors and parts which get warm.

      For you fault, I would check the connectors from the transformer to the board. In fact i would unplug and re-plug each connector.

      I would also look for any signs of overheating or scorching of the pcb.

      Also look for bulging of any capacitors.


      • Sam says:

        Thanks for the reply!

        I’ve double checked, and there seems to be power going to the circuit board and the power button on the front panel works.

        I get a single red light on the display LEDs themselves, but the rest of them don’t light up and give any kind of display. The grinder seems to be functioning, just not the LEDs.

        I will do as you suggest and check all the wires. I didn’t see any signs of damage or distress, but I’ll look again closely.

        Thank you

        • Sam says:

          Hi again Steve,

          Thanks for your help so far.

          I had a look at the main board – it looks like it had actually come away from the main housing of the grinder, and was free to move when touched. This could have happened during transit, which may mean that something has been damaged

          There are no obvious signs of damage – the capacitors and the board look fine. I removed and reattached all connections and checked for dirt etc. But, the problem remains.

          There’s power to the board – but the LEDs won’t display any digits – just a single red light in the corner.

          I tried to take some pictures!

          I just wondered whether you’d come across this problem before – if it’s symptomatic of anything? and whether any sort of reset might cure it?


          • admin says:

            If the microprocessor is working everything else (chute, grind motor, etc) okay, then it must be functioning.

            For my money, it would be the led display driver IC (if there is one).

            If you trace the tracks from the 7-segment displays, they will probably all go to a single IC, except one common wire from each digit, which probably run to a transistor.

            Each of the segments of display share a common wire, with each digit being lit in sequence.

            See :

            It is that IC I would consider replacing. It may be in a socket.

            It would be unusual for the microprocessor to drive the display directly as it has other stuff to do, but might be possible.


          • Steve says:

            Further to this, one of the programming options it to have the display just show a single dot. You can change it (mine shows CAFE). See the programming manual.

  11. Hi,
    Could you re-post the links to the manuals? The links are currently broken.

    Also any chance you have the user manual as well?

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