Azkoyen Capriccio Molino M-02 Coffee Grinder Burr Replacement

If you are finding fine grounds in the bottom of your coffee cups, it is a pretty good sign that your grinder burrs are very worn.  Apart from the presence of the fine grinds in the coffee, the flavour will probably be noticeably affected, tasting more heavily roasted and probably burnt tasting due to the extra abrasion of the burrs.

Here are a new set of Azkoyen burrs, with an external diameter 64mm and an internal diameter 37mm. Thickness is 9mm.

It is common for burrs to have “spots” of oxidization from exposure to air; this is due to the hardness of the material used and does not mean that the burrs are inferior in quality in any way.  A new set of burrs is good for 2500kg of beans.

The burrs of the Azkoyen grinders can be exchanged in about 1hr, without any special tools.  It is also a good chance for a thorough clean of the inside of the grinder.

Close the door of the coffee bean hopper, by turning the metal bar within the hopper itself.  This will minimise the spillage of beans when the hopper itself is removed (using the screw at the rear of the hopper).

Undo further screws to remove the top cover and rear cover of the grinder.

Mark the position of the grinder housing and body with a pen mark, and use the front panel grind fineness knob to unscrew the white housing holding the grinder teeth.  This does take a while.

With the white housing unscrewed, it takes about three turns, the burrs can be replaced (each is held in place with three screws).  Here are the new ones installed.

When screwing the upper section back into place, apply even pressure to the white plastic section, whilst turning the adjuster knob.  One full revolution may be required for the thread to engage.

Continue to tighten, until the burrs are touching, then back off until the pen marks are in line.

If you need new burrs (ebay item 161004723483)  then we have them in our ebay shop.

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4 Responses to Azkoyen Capriccio Molino M-02 Coffee Grinder Burr Replacement

  1. brian harrison says:

    Thanks for this very helpful information on changing the burrs. On our machine the housing holding the grinder teeth is unmoveable using the grind fineness knob. I notice there are three blind holes in the housing below the white gear. I would think we need a special tool to engage theses holes to unscrew the housing. Are we able to purchase such a tool from somewhere? If you can help with this info or can supply such a tool we will be pleased to purchase.

    I guess we could also try a penetrating oil to see if it frees it. obviously a thorough clean would be needed later.

    we will appreciate your assistance.

    regards Brian Harrison
    Michels Patisserie runaway Bay

    • admin says:

      Hello Brian,

      It sounds like you have tried turning the large white gear whilst turning the front panel knob. That is the way I would remove it – the worm drive can provide quite a lot of force.

      Otherwise I do not know of a tool. You could try a Boa Constrictor Strap Wrench.

      The thread to the body of the grinder is very fine and on the grinder in the picture, was sticky with coffee residue making it impossible to turn on its own by hand.

      I think a solvent would help and I would try an odourless solvent first, before something like WD40. Presumably it has not been crossthreaded (very easy to do when reassembling).


  2. Dave Rankin says:

    Hi I have both a gaggia TD1 and a M02 grinder featured here.
    Went to your eBay store sez posts worldwide then excludes Oceania
    I live in New Zealand and routinely purchase from UK will
    You sell to me, as eBay sez no if that is the case why ???

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