Azkoyen Bravo Mains Wiring

If you check the wiring diagrams on the plate under the drip tray you will see there are several options for wiring up the Azkoyen Bravo.

The mains lead has five cores – two black, one brown, one blue and one green/yellow striped.

I wired the mains plug according to the first diagram.  Each of the three separate heating elements has 230V across them, and when they are all on 11A is drawn (UK sockets are good for up to 13A).

The option below is for supplier where there is 230V phase to phase.  This does not exist in the UK.

If you wanted to use a three phase supply (230V phase to neutral, 400V phase to phase), the mains switch needs to be rewired so that each separate element is connected to one of the phases at one end, and neutral at the other (so there is 230V across each element).

In this case 4A is drawn per phase (12A in total).

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5 Responses to Azkoyen Bravo Mains Wiring

  1. John says:

    This blog could be invaluable, its the clearest and most enlightening google hit related to my minor hurdle, I have purchased a machine Azkoyen Az04/a it apparently can be used with single or 3 phase, its rated at 20 amps and I want to install it at home on a single phase 20 amp socket, thing that is stumping me is a ‘4th’ wire, It has the UK standard Blue, Brown, Green/Yellow and an additional black wire.
    Simply put, do I wire it as per your plug bearing in mind I only have the one black wire??
    I do hope you can help please 🙂



  2. admin says:

    Hi John,

    If you check out the AZ-04 parts manual, page 75, you can see the mains switch (item 19).

    I would suggest you compare this to the Bravo wiring on page 79, where the six-pole switch has two pairs of three poles commoned. It would appear, for the AZ-04, the mains wiring will have 5 cores as standard (earth, neutral, and three phases).

    Your mains cable may have been replaced. A close look at the 6 pole switch is required to see how that end of the new mains cable has been wired. If there are three commoned, these would be one feed (say neutral) and if the other two are connected to the remaining three terminals (say one to one and one to two terminals) then these could be commoned at the plug live.

    If you don’t have the competence to assess this, you will need someone with suitable knowledge and experience to assess this.

    Perhaps there is a diagram on one of the panels covering the mains switch?


    • John says:

      Steve thanks so much, I have been told this was taken from a single phase hard wired power socket with this 3/4 wire cable, a bit of digging has shown that similarly to your bravo this machine can be used single or 3 phase.
      I guess I was hoping it would be as simple as following your plug set up with a single black wire instead of 2 :/
      I am sure I’ll get to the bottom of it 🙂
      Thanks again

  3. Fikret says:

    Hi my friend has second hand coffee machine and that coffee machine 230v but supply cable has earth + blue, brown and black coloured cables. How to connect this machine to consurme unit ? Thanks

    • admin says:

      Three phase supplies in the UK used to be wired with cable red, yellow, blue for the phases and black for the neutral. Green/yellow striped was used for the earth.

      This was “harmonised” across Europe in 2004 to to brown, black, grey for the phases and blue for the neutral. Green/yellow striped was used for the earth.


      Coffee machines may only use two of the three phases, hence no grey conductor.

      If he is not aware of this information, it does not sound like he is competent to connect it up and should consider employing an electrician who will connect and test it.


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