Azkoyen Bravo Coffee Machine Programming

To program hold down Prog button (on right touch pad).  The green light next to main power switch will flash.

Select the required coffee size/type, then press Stop when desired dose reached (repeat for each button).

Tip: have the coffee in the group ready to go as the programming mode doesn’t last that long.

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4 Responses to Azkoyen Bravo Coffee Machine Programming

  1. rina says:

    Hi I would like to know weather there is a user manual for this particular machine of if there is some way i can be shown how to use it. we got this machine for our coffee shop that we are opening but we dont know how to use it. Could you please help us. Thank you. Rina 0409—— or rina—–

    • admin says:

      Hi Rina,

      Sorry I have found no instructions for the Azkoyen online.

      I am hoping somebody reading this can offer me a pdf or a scan of their user manual.

      I did find out how to program the coffee volume, and that is in one of my posts.


  2. Kevin Frampton says:

    I have a Azkoyen Bravo 2 group machine, and would like to know how to run the back flushing cycle.

    Cheers Kev

    • admin says:

      Sorry I don’t know. In fact I didn’t know a backflusing cycle existed, but it makes sense. No need to stand in front of the machine pulling shots and letting it idle during backflushing. Sorry I can’t help. If you do find out, please let us know here. Steve.

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