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Bezzera Ellisse Videos

Here are some quick videos I made of the operation and internal build of the Bezzera Ellisse. Switching On   Programming   Internal View (Side 1)   Internal View (Side 2)

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Gaggia TS & Bezzera Ellisse – No Steam Pressure

This is a write up of a problem I had with the Gaggia TS. Each morning, I turn on the machine, and allow it to heat up for half an hour or so.  The pressure gauge would rise to the … Continue reading

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Bezzera Ellisse – Power Up after a Rebuild

Here are my notes about powering up the Bezzera Ellisse for the first time.  The previous owner had said it was shooting steam everywhere, so I was prepared for faults.  What follows is just how I did it.  It is … Continue reading

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