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Bezzera Ellisse – Fitting a new Boiler Gasket

I bought a Bezerra Ellisse with a fault described as “lots of steam escaping”, so the first task was to take the end cover off the boiler and replace the gasket. This is also a great time to have a … Continue reading

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Gaggia TS Leaking Steam and Hot Water Tap Washer Replacement

Once Christmas was out of the way, I had a plan to descale the TS, hopefully to cure an occasional problem with scale blocking the pipes (more of this in a future post).  But the machine got the better of … Continue reading

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Gaggia Classic Wiring Diagrams

When you switch on the power using the main switch on the front panel, power is provided to the front panel neon, which lights provided the thermal fuse in the neutral wire is intact. Power is also provided to the … Continue reading

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