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Coffee Machine Boiler Explosion

In 2010 a coffee machine ruptured in a supermarket in Hampshire. Luckily nobody was killed, but the picture above does certainly¬† indicate the level of forces involved and the possible results of safety mechanisms failing to operate. There is an … Continue reading

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Setting up a commercial coffee enterprise?

There is some excellent information on setting up commercial coffee machine installations at Espresso Underground (I am not connected with them in any way).¬†¬† These guys clearly have a lot of experience in this area, and there are some great … Continue reading

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Gaggia Bottomless Portafilter Woes

If you are trying a bottomless portafilter for the first time, and it pours coffee out everywhere, and you don’t obtain the beautiful coffee flow that you expect, it may not sound like it, but this is good news. The … Continue reading

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