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Gaggia TS Intermittent Heater Problem

The Gaggia TS was working well, and providing excellent espresso, probably due in part to its electrically heated group head. However, today the boiler heated up to pressure once, and then cooled right down until it was back at zero … Continue reading

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Gaggia TS Wiring Diagram (Corrected)

Below is a corrected version of the Gaggia TS wiring diagram. There changes are to the L and N connections to the IEC inlet, which were transposed in the original drawing, and also to the pump connections where the incoming … Continue reading

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Gaggia TS Over Pressure Valve Modification (OPV)

My Gaggia TS needed a new pump (it uses an Ulka EP5, but I fitted an equivalent Olab pump as I had one in stock).  Great, a quick repair, but I managed to break a small black cap on the … Continue reading

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Gaggi TS Operation and Internal Photos

Here is a description of the operation of the control circuits of the Gaggia TS, in case you think you have a fault. When you first turn on the Gaggia TS, the level control unit flashes the red level light … Continue reading

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