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About Me

I am an electronics designer who has been taking things apart since childhood, disassembling my parents’ toasters, cassette players, radios, in fact anything I could lay my hands on.

Mostly they went back together working slightly less well than they started out – and with a few “leftovers”.

I built a few electronics kits at school (the Maplin 250W Mosfet Amp, and an electronic dice), but they never worked, no matter how meticuluous I had been.  Lack of an oscilloscope stopped me from working out the cause, but it was probably static damage or overheating with the soldering iron.  I have never had closure on those projects.

I went on to university to study Electronic and Electrical engineering, but following a first lecture concentrating on thermionic valves, I became disillusioned and concentrated on other things.

In my final year (1988) I had my first design success, a sign made out of a row of leds, that spelled words when you waved it in the air.  It was based on my first led calculator which used to fascinate me when I waved it in the dark and it left streams of light in the air.  I could find no real use for my project then.  It is still in a box the loft.

Following 25 years as a broadcast engineer (radio & TV transmitters) I have returned to electronics design (to gain that closure on earlier events !).

My various interests have produced commercial products in the solar power, vending, flow control and broadcast measurement areas.

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October 2, 2013 at 5:12 pm

Hi Steven, I was looking at your point position indicator board, is it something you sell or just a project for you.

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