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OSH PCBs Received

April 24, 2013

Just received a package with my first order from OSH, just over 2 weeks from the time of ordering.

Three boards, about 5.15 x 2.90 inches (131 x 78mm), delivered to the UK for 58.00 GBP, and no customs to pay.  That is a really great price, especially given the size of the pcbs.

Here are the times:

Ordered: Day 0
Added to panel: Day 0
Set to Fab: Day 0
Manufacturing complete: Day 7
Shipped from the US: Day 8
Received in UK: Day 16

Given the cost and the speed, I will certainly be a future customer for all my prototype boards.

No matter how careful I am at the design stage, there are always errors, so this is an ideal testing ground before committing to a large run, where I use pcbcart.  Out of interest, I checked with pcbcart how much three boards of this size would be, and the cost was $103 plus about $30 shipping (about 83 GBP in total).

If you up that to 250 boards, the costs are $464 plus about $60 shipping, or about 1.35 GBP per board.

You are never quite sure about the shipping cost until you checkout, and it can add quite a hefty premium.

April 20, 2017 at 1:50 am
    April 20, 2017 at 9:42 am

    Hi Howie,

    I now use for all my pcbs.

    10 off 5cm x 5cm pcbs is around $14 delivered on a 3 week service.

    Different options are available for faster factory turnaround, DHL delivery , etc and of course different sizes, colours, thicknesses, etc.


      July 18, 2017 at 8:18 am

      I think you can try wellpcb the board,
      Wellpcb is focusing on providing rapid prototype services and bare pcb manufacturing.
      The price we may not have the advantage, but in quality and manufacturing& delivery time we may have our own advantage.
      Such as one of ou customers who comes from Austrilia, urgently need his boards, from he ordered to he received, to ensure the quality and service of the case, it only took five days to the customer’s hands.He was amazing our quick service.
      May be if you not try the other service you will never know the advantage of other pcb manufacturers,so try another alternative way maybe will get Unexpected harvest.

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