UK—Channel Islands No 7 submarine cable system

In 1986 there was a visit to the Stoke Fleming telephone exchange for the Doomsday Reloaded project.  This is probably the old telephone exchange in Mill Road, which is now a cold store for a fish merchant.

    Just outside Stoke Fleming is a    
 large building looking like a stone   
 walled bungalow.Actually it is the    
 telephone exchange. It has been built 
 to blend in with its beautiful area.  
    It is very big because it is not   
 just the village's phone lines which  
 go there. From Blackpool Sands a cable
 goes under the sea to the Channel     
 Islands.  It can carry 500 telephone  
 calls at once.                        
   In our visit to the Exchange we saw 
 where it joins the national phone     
 system. In the exchange they have     
 their own enormous generators to keep 
 the phones working if there is a cut  
 in the electricity supply.            
    The exchange is automatic and we   
 watched the numbers being dialled.

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