Terrestrial Segment Repeater Stations

From the TyCom cable landing stations at Pottington and Highbridge, the land segment of the cable travels through Wiltshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire to Stratford in London.

From here it travels through Herefordshire, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire, and then through Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and then in to Yorkshire, terminating at Hunnamby.

Along the way, the signal requires regeneration every 73km approximately (with a tolerance of approximately +/-3500m) and so building to house the repeater equipment is necessary.
The photos here are of one example site.

2 thoughts on “Terrestrial Segment Repeater Stations

  1. Ian Warner

    Greetings Steven,

    I have found your work here extremely interesting. It’s a subject which is often neglected by the UK media which is a great shame when you consider how the internet effects all out lives these days. I’m what you might be described as a “amateur engineer” and I have been trying to educate myself on cable landing stations. I live locally to quite a few of them and was thinking I might provide you with some new photographs. I am particularly interested in the Terrestrial Segment Repeater Stations mentioned in this article – I think I have seen one of these near to where I live in a field !!! Not sure where exactly the one quoted in this article is located but I guess it’s possible it’s the one near me. Maybe you might email me privately with the location. I’ll be delighted to reciprocate with all the information I have. By the way, I’m a licensed radio ham and have another interest with radio communications masts. I look forward to hearing from you. Keep up the good work.

  2. Ian Warner

    Hello Steven,

    Not sure if my last message got through to you regarding this segment repeater station? I think I have one quite close to me. It would help if you could advise the location of that one. I’m happy to reciprocate and provide photos of anything I find. I’m a radio ham with an interest in all things radio but lately I have become interested in cable landing stations. Keep up the good work. Ian


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