Lewis & Harris Undersea Power Cable

The most southerly connection point is at Loch Carnan Power Station on South Uist.  Built by the North of Scotland Hydro Electric Board in 1971 it uses diesel to produce 11.8 MW of electricity.

Because of the cost its fuel, inflated by the oil crises which occurred shortly after it was built, the station is now only used to provide a reserve should their be any interruption in supply carried via submarine cable from the mainland.

The cable markers on the shore of Loch Carnan mark the proximity of the cable landing.

The Skye end of the submarine cable connection is at Trumpan on the Isle of Skye.  This is also the point of connection of a separate cable to North Uist.

The North Uist end of the connection lands at Tarbet, where the termination plant is located in a rendered building about 1 mile inland.

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