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UK Submarine Cable Landing Maps

For the UK, a pretty definitive maps of submarine cables are held by KIS-ORCA (their cable awareness maps) at In their downloads section they have pdf maps for the whole of the UK coastline showing the landing points of submarine cables.

Here are some captures from April 2013:

English Channel
Irish Sea
South West
North Sea (north west)
North Sea (central)
North Sea (southern)

They also have a superb interactive map at Interractive Map which is a map with switchable layers for power cables, oil pipelines, wind turbines, and so on.

A Google earth version is here:

Other sources are the TeleGeography map at

There is also Greg’s Cable map which although a useful source, appears to be work in progress.

For industry updates, I recommend: The excellent Submarine Cable Almanac is available for download, and is the best resource I have found for active cables including technical specifications and landing points, with maps.

Danish mapping application:Here (select Interactive Map)

TATA map (Flash)

KML Cable file for Google Earth (from Greg’s Cable Map)

Telegeography Map