Broadstairs Dumpton Gap Cable Landfall and Landing Station

Whilst researching cable landfalls at Broadstairs, I came across a forum comment about a cable landing station near the beach at a place called Dumpton Gap which has existed since the 1920s’.  I am informed this was for the Canterbury – La Panne cable system (see comments below).

This beach is the landfall for the two modern submarine cables Pan European Crossing and Tangerine.  It is not known if they are associated in any way with the building below, which still appears to be in use.

Forum source with additional information and pictures.

The picture above shows a cable being pulled in in September 1927.

References found in the BT archive:here.

5 thoughts on “Broadstairs Dumpton Gap Cable Landfall and Landing Station

  1. Adrian Hilton (ex. BT Subsea Cable Systems)

    The photos above show the Cable Hut used for the Cable Termination and Interface Point for the Canterbury – La Panne Cable System. This was a system carrying 120 circuits over Loaded Carrier Pairs. As far as I’m aware none of the later Systems Terminated or passed through this Cable Hut. It was sold by BT several years ago but I don’t know who owns it and uses it today.

  2. Adrian Hilton (ex. BT Subsea Cable Systems)

    For those that are interested in the history of this site. Additional information can be found on Bill Glover’s remarkable site @
    The Canterbury – La Panne Cable, known as Dumpton Gap, England – La Panne (UK – Belgium 1), was laid in 1926 . Manufactured by Siemens Bros, Operated by the GPO. Laid by Cable ships Faraday (2) & Homedale. CS Homedale laid the 20 nm of shore ends which weighed 530 tons. Continuously loaded telephone cable.
    Regards Adrian

  3. Sarah Hook

    I have in my possession a paperweight made from a section of submarine cable which came from my great grandfather William George Hook, who was a Chief superintendant for the GPO and retired in 1910. On the side of this section is inscribed ‘Anglo-Belgian and Anglo-French (1926) Submarine Cables Siemens Brothers and Co Ltd. London’ I long to find out more about all this as this has just come been given to me on my brother’s death.


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