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Aldeburgh Cable Landing Station – Farland North

aldburgh beach cable landfall

A beautiful day in Aldeburgh.  The cable marker indicates the approximate location of the Farland North submarine cable.

aldburgh beach manhole BMH

The characteristic beach manhole (BMH) can be seen here, with the diamond submarine cable marker in the top left of the photo.

aldburgh cable landing station

The cable landing station is just a stone’s throw from the beach.

aldburgh cable landing station

The cable marker above and exchange are consistent with the location of the Farland North cable as shown on the map below.

aldburgh submarine cables

Broadstairs Dumpton Gap Cable Landfall and Landing Station

Whilst researching cable landfalls at Broadstairs, I came across a forum comment about a cable landing station near the beach at a place called Dumpton Gap which has existed since the 1920s’.  I am informed this was for the Canterbury – La Panne cable system (see comments below).

This beach is the landfall for the two modern submarine cables Pan European Crossing and Tangerine.  It is not known if they are associated in any way with the building below, which still appears to be in use.

Forum source with additional information and pictures.

The picture above shows a cable being pulled in in September 1927.

References found in the BT archive:here.

Broadstairs Cable Landing Station

Broadstairs Cable Landing Station

The above building is thought to be the Cable Landing Station for the following cables:

Rembrandt2 (OoS)
Hermes South (OoS)
Pan European Crossing

Broadstairs Cable Landing Station

Broadstairs Cable Landing Station

The cables landing at Broadstairs are in the diagram below, with the remains of UK-Belgium5 seen as the red dotted line on the right of the diagram.

The out of service cables, Rembrandt2 and Hermes South land at the more northerly point, Pan European Crossing and Tangerine land at Dumpton Gap.

The yellow lines are power cables from offshore wind farms.

Broadstairs Cable Landfall