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TAT-1 Cable Landing Station at Gallanach Bay, Oban

In 1956, the first transatlantic cable was laid between Gallanach Bay, south of Oban in Scotland and Clarenville, Newfoundland.

The cable could carry 36 channels with 4kHz bandwidth, which was later reduced to 3kHz to allow 48 channels.

The cable landing station at Gallanach is still standing, and can be seen on Google Earth.

Photographs of the stripped interior can be seen on

According to this article the TAT-1 terminal equipment was located within the hillside for protection against attack.  The article suggests that CANTAT-1 terminated at Oban in a windowed building on a cliff face, it is not known if this is the same location as TAT-1 terminates, although the building above would fit the description.

Excellent historical info by Dave Boyle about the route back to Glasgow for the cable (crossing Loch Awe) here also reproduced here.

Interesting article in the Bell System Journal about the route selection and cable laying.

A new article form The Register has some further information on TAT-1, including the photo below showing the cable shrouded in concrete in the foreground.TAT-1 cable

The article is here.